Discover Melbourne

Do you want to live in the best city in the world? Then you must choose Melbourne. This Australian city has been chosen, for 7 consecutive years, as the place that offers the best quality of life in the world.
See for yourself, Melbourne will fascinate you from the first moment for its multicultural style and cosmopolitan air.

Points in favor

  • If you are passionate about sports, this is your city! Melbourne offers many facilities to practice any sport. (gyms 24/7, outdoor classes, lots of parks to run …)
  • It has some of the best English schools and universities in the world.
  • You can watch major events such as the Australia Open, the Grand Prix of Formula 1, Moto GP and the world surfing championship in Bells Beach.
  • It is the most foodie city with hundreds of restaurants and bars. In addition, coffee is an art in this city, one of the best in the world.
  • It has the best public transport and Trams system in the whole country.
  • It has the Great Ocean Road, a tour of the coast and nature, with amazing landscapes such as the Twelve Apostles.
  • You will not have to go far to enjoy the beach because you can do it in the same city, besides there are many around that are perfect for surfing and relaxing.
  • The most multicultural and cosmopolitan city in Australia
  • And finally, if you’re looking for leisure, partying or meeting people, this is undoubtedly the best city for your nights out. Hundreds of bars, bars, roof tops and iconic hidden bars … yes yes, hidden bars that will surprise you!

To consider

Accommodation: Prices are usually a little more expensive than other cities in the country (except Sydney).
The climate is so variable that you can have four seasons in the same day.



Live in Melbourne

State of Victoria 🇦🇺

It has about 4.8 million inhabitants and is located in the state of Victoria, in the southwest of the country.

4 seasons in ☝🏻 "day"

t is constantly changing! You can leave the house with a sunny day and then 5 minutes later, a shower falls! In less than an hour later, everything is as at the beginning. But do not worry, in a few days you will get used to it. In addition, having a cooler climate in winter, skiing is only 3 hours away.

Neighborhoods chosen by students 🏘

If you ask yourself, what are the best areas to live? There are many options. Near the center, you can find good neighbourhoods like South Yarra or South Melbourne, quieter and residential neighbourhoods. In Southbank, you will find new skyscrapers that usually include spa, pool and gym and are within walking distance of the city. In the northern part, you will find neighbourhoods such as Collingwood, Carlton or Richmond, these are alternative neighbourhoods, more “hipsters”, with locals, cafes and bars, where you will have a distraction at all times. To the south, the mythical St Kilda, a dynamic neighbourhood, in front of the beach and with a lot of leisure! In the West, there are also others like Yarraville or Maidstone. You know everything will be in your budget and tastes.

How to move? 🚉

It is one of the best things about this country. You can move by train, tram or bus. They all have good connections and they are very often. You will need a Myki Card, the transport card to move around the city. It is very easy to use, you can charge it easily with money (Myki money) or buy it monthly, according to what suits you. A big advantage? the tram is free in the centre, yes it’s true! If you work and live there, it will not cost you a dollar! Now, if you are “green”, athlete and prefer not to spend, the bicycle is always a good option. Melbourne is full of bike lanes and it is very common to see hundreds of people going to work on bikes in the morning!

The most sporting in Australia 🏋🏻♀️

In Melbourne there are many events throughout the year. From January to December there are many. Some of them are the Moomba Festival, the Good Beer Week, the Open House Melbourne, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, among many others. Not to mention the number of international artists who spend their tour of this city throughout the year. If you like sport, then here you will not stop enjoying, Formula 1, Moto GP, Australian Open, the Rip Curl World Surfing Championship, the Australian Footy finals, Cricket, to name a few.

Most Popular Places 👀

Do you want to discover new sites? Do you like culture, art and good food? Bingo, Melbourne is the ideal place! This city offers you the most when it comes to museums, concerts, live music and restaurants in Australia. That is why it is considered the most cosmopolitan and most “European” city. Here we leave you the key sites that you cannot miss.
♦ -Museums: One of the most important in the city is the NGV (National Galery of Victoria), hosts world-known exhibitions. Other museums that you cannot miss are the ACMI, the Museum of National History and the Museum of Science. There is something for everyone! Oh, another must see is the National Library – one of the largest in Australia.
– Parks: Something you will not miss in Melbourne are the green areas, the city is full of them! The essentials are the Botanical Garden very close to the city, Albert Park (which becomes a Formula 1 circuit in March) or Carlton Gardens.
○ Beaches: baths in summer feel good to everyone! The most famous beach in the city is Brighton Beach, known for its colourful houses. Other beaches accessible by tram are St. Kilda, with a lot of atmospheres, especially in Summer, or Middle Park beach if you want to do Kite surfing or play Volley! A little more to the outskirts, you have beautiful beaches like Black Rock or Half Moon Bay, where you can see a sunken ship!
○ St Kilda: the neighbourhood of backpackers by excellence! This is an iconic place where you can enjoy all kinds of activities. Have fun at the theme park (Luna Park), have a beer at sunset on its terraces in front of the sea, eat a delicious cake on Acland St, or even go see the penguins at the dock. Yes, yes … as you hear it! Hundreds of penguins arrive every afternoon at the main dock after their day of fishing, a unique event that you cannot miss!
○ CBD and Docklands: In the centre you can walk listening to live music all the time, or visiting the graffiti in the alleys
A very foodie city


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