Reference System “Aussie Mate”

One of the fundamental values ​​within the Aussie Life team is the mutual collaboration, we want to be a reliable source of information and at the same time create a system where we support each other. Especially when we are on the other side of the world it is important to have a network of contacts and support.

As a company, every day we focus all our energy and work on our students and we know that our team around Australia and the world does its best to deliver quality service and meet all expectations.

In Aussie Life, we ​​want to reward and encourage the cooperating spirit and that is why we have launched the Aussie Mate project, which consists of a network of recommendations. If you are one of our students and you refer a friend who wants to live the dream of coming to Australia, Aussie Life rewards you with until $AUD200 and your friend too.

You can receive up to $ 200aud for recommending Aussie life with a friend but the most important thing is that your friend can also receive up to $ 200aud !!!


Conditions of the “Aussie Mate”

• To refer someone else you MUST be OBLIGATORY our student and be currently enrolled in an Australian or New Zealand school.

• The student outside Australia (Chile, Colombia, etc.) will receive $ AUD100 and the student within Australia will receive another $ AUD100.

• And there is more! If the student who is currently in Australia extends his visa through us for 1 or more years, he will receive $ $AUD200  and the friend you referred another $ $AUD200

If you have any questions contact us!

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