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Planning a trip to the other side of the world is not easy and we know it … but don’t worry!

In Your Aussie Life, we are always ready to help you from the moment of this idea took force in your head, you decided to make it concrete and you contacted us.

You must bear in mind that before getting on the plane you have to have everything in order and prepared, that is why here we leave you a series of necessary steps to follow before stepping on Australian land:

Choose a city in Australia

Where to Live

Investigate about Australia

Where to Live

It is the first thing you must do once you have decided to make this trip, for which you should investigate the possible destinations within Australia. We understand that you can also feel some confusion and stress … it’s logical, you must decide where you are going to start your new life.


But don’t worry!


We are here to help, guide and take you by the hand in this new challenge to find the place of your dreams and what will be your new home in this new adventure.

Assess your Costs


Assess your Costs

The money’s issue a very important point that you must keep in mind. Of course, this is also related to the amount of time that you decide to study and live in Australia (and of course, this also depends on your field’ studies).


We suggest you bring enough money for at least two months (which is the approximate the time it takes to find a job). All this is subject to the amount of money you want to spend, so you must also manage it well, remember that Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world.


If you have doubts you can ask us … we are here to help you.

What to Study?


What to Study?

This is the third most important step and may have to go in parallel with the selection of the destination where you want to go. Remember that we are the experts and we handle all the necessary information so, in that way, you can make the right decision according to the aspirations and goals you want to achieve for your future in Australia.


Buy the Ticket


Buy the Ticket

One of the most exciting steps in this process! Here is when your dreams begin to come true. We recommend you do an exhaustive search so that you can find the best flight offer, for this, we suggest you go to the Skyscanner page since it is one of the best virtual platforms to buy plane tickets.


👉🏼As value information: we tell you that the best days to find cheap flights are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and even (sometimes) on Saturdays 👈🏼

Documents at Day


Documents at Day

Make sure your papers are all in order and up to date. Documents such as: Passport, identity card, bank cards, credit cards, visa, medical insurance, translation of documents into English (if necessary) such as medical certificates if you suffer from any illness or chronic health problem, driving license (valid), among other documents, you must have them at the time of boarding towards Australia.


Also, don’t forget to close accounts of the services that you will stop using when you leave your country. Maintaining order with your responsibilities is essential.


We can help you

We also offer document translation service!

Prepare your Bags!


Prepare your Bags!

Pack what your things is important and necessary for you, for this issue you need to make a list, but remember: you can only bring no more than 2 suitcases of 23 kg each maximum:


Have details such as:


✔️ Time of year in which you will travel


✔️ How many seasons you will be in Australia


✔️ Limitate to you to pack basic garments (1 jacket, 2 – 3 pairs of shoes, 2 – 3 sweaters, 2 – 3 pants, 5 – 6 shirts (of all types), 1 swimsuit, 1 – 2 shorts, 2 – 3 dresses and / or skirts in the case of girls).


✔️When you pack your suitcase, roll up your clothes. This will save you a lot of space inside this one.


✔️ Some cosmetic that only sells in the country from where you come (and not here) and be essential in your life. These should go in Ziploc bags to avoid spills and accidents in your luggage.


✔ Note that there are certain items that are forbidden in carry-on and cabin baggage (below), such as sharps in general, explosives or the size of flasks containing liquids, among others. We recommend looking for that information on the internet (it’s everywhere).


✔️ Don’t bring everything! It’s not necessary. You can buy many things here, remember that you only move from a country … not from a planet 😝

General Recommendations

The Last Details

General Recommendations

Find out, ask and handle all the information. If you forget something, it might be a big problem, so avoid a tragedy when you arrive in Australia.


Investigate if you need any vaccine (if you have planned at some point to travel to Southeast Asia you will need it), buy what you need and be sure that these items are not here, find out about the current adapters that you will need, maybe some “saving phrases in English” necessary at the time of stepping on the airport (if you come to learn the language and don’t manage anything …)


Don’t forget to bring with you energy, disposition and a lot of good vibes!

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