Welcome in Australia - Your first steps

Do you have your bags ready? In these moments your emotions are on the skin! And that is to start a new life is a mixture of adrenaline … and nerves for sure.

No worries, we understand what it feels to arrive in a new country, we have also experienced it! And for that, we are here to help you.

We know how important it is to have a point of contact when you arrive in Australia, so the doors of our office are always open for you!

In Your Aussie Life, we welcome you to our family, and we guide you in each of the steps you have to take to settle in your place of residence.

From the moment you set foot in this wonderful destination, you will have our support 🤝

Leave fear behind!

Your new life is waiting for you, and we are eager to accompany you on this path.

How do we help you?

We are going to pick you up 😃

Airport Pick up

We are going to pick you up 😃

When you landing in Australia you will be invaded by full of different emotions and feelings. And there is so much to see that you don’t want to wait another minute to enjoy everything of this paradise has to offer to you. But have you thought about how you are going to leave the airport to get to your accommodation? What should you do? Breathe! With Your Aussie Life, you are not alone.


And is that one of the services that we offer for your comfort: the reception at the airport. That way you will not have to worry about how you’re going to get out that first day when you don’t know anything. We pick you up to take you to your destination and so you can release your bags and rest to recover your energy. Nice, isn’t it?


Our commitment is to make your stay in Australia a real pleasure from the beginning to the end. We are sure that you will be delighted with this place from the first moment.

The most Complicated


The most Complicated

Finding where to live is always a challenge. Therefore, we strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. Selecting the right accommodation is key so you can live the experience you want. The idea is that you can find a place that is comfortable, accessible and adjusted to your economic possibilities.


Fortunately, the options are very diverse. You can choose to stay in a shared apartment, a residence, a backpacker or a family stay. We can help you select a suitable accommodation for the first days, in what you get used to your new city and decide which is your preferred accommodation option.


In addition to helping you with the accommodation of the first days and regardless of the type you choose, we can also advise and facilitate contacts so you can find the perfect place. Our team has experience and is trained to help you with everything you need. Contact us now!

We help you to join to the Bank

Bank Account

We help you to join to the Bank

What more do you need so that your stay in Australia will be complete? If you have decided to live this adventure of moving to another country to work or study, you need to have a bank account. This is one of the first procedures that you must do for the first few days after landing on the Aussie – land, especially if your plans are to stay more than three months and even more if you get a visa that allows you to work since you will need an Australian account number to get paid. It is also necessary for when you have to pay some bills like the telephone or rent. At the same time, you must domicile them in a bank account which must be Australian.


Fortunately, opening a bank account in Australia will not give you problems, anyway, if you need one of our consultants will accompany you to the bank to help you with this process!

To connect fast with your family and friends!

SIM for your Phone

To connect fast with your family and friends!

Do you love your mobile and never leave it at home? We know that! That is why we have thought that as soon as you arrive in Australia you will need a SIM Card for your phone📱 So, don’t worry you always be connected. You can share with your friends and family everything you want from the first moment 🤩


Buying a SIM Card for your mobile in Australia is super simple. You can get a chip anywhere … even at the airport! The options vary and you can choose plans according to your convenience: with calls, messages or data. So you can make video calls, talk on WhatsApp, share photos on Instagram and everything you want while you living in Oz 🇦🇺

Your work Permits


Your work Permits

Once you arrive in Australia, the first thing you want to do is take a tour to get to know the place. Do it! Stroll, marvel at everything, but the next day, put the batteries! There is a lot to do and one of them is the TFN process.


Do you know what it is?


If you arrive with a student visa such as a Working Holiday Visa or any other that allows you to work, you will have to request the Tax File Number (TFN). This is a unique 8 – or 9 – digit number issued by the Australian Taxation Office, which regulates taxes in the country to identify the tax issues of each person or organization. The TFN is something you need to recover the taxes you pay to the state.


It’s a very simple process to do and best of all, it’s free! You only need your passport, your Australian address and your mobile (with Australian number). You must enter the page of the Australian Taxation Office and select the option to request the TFN. Done? You only have to fill in the data and that’s it! l In a maximum of 28 days you will receive it at home. But don’t worry too much about this, we also help you with this procedure! We like to simplify your life!

We guide you with your Resume

Job help

We guide you with your Resume

Have you travelled to Australia to know how it is and to work? So, get down to work! Your next step should be to look for a job. Doing it is never simple, but you can do it! In most Australian cities, job opportunities are high. You just have to focus on your search.


In Your Aussie Life, we advise you in your search so that you are more oriented and we help you to make your curriculum according to the guidelines and corresponding formats for the Australian labour market. You should know that the average time to find a job in Australia is between 2 and 6 weeks from when you start looking for it. Your possibilities will also depend on your level of English, the destination you have chosen and your willingness to work, but remember, attitude is everything!

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