Tips before starting your adventure in Australia 😜☝🏻

Have you already decided? Are you ready to take the step? Are you with a visa in hand? Are you coming? PERFECT! Now I will help you with the following and infallible steps prior to your arrival in this wonderful country.

Purchase of the ticket 

Depending on the month of your arrival, the values on the plane ticket can vary in the amounts of money. High season arrival in Australia is considered between the warm months (November to February) and low season instead, it is from March to mid-October. To make the purchase of the ticket, I recommend visiting pages such as skyscanner ( or cheapflights ( in in which you can find good rate offers.

[Tip! It is recommended to buy the tickets with a minimum of 8 to 9 weeks in advance of the trip and between the days Monday and Tuesday. According to an article published by Wall Street Journal ( it is recommended to avoid the weekends for the reservation of plane tickets or weeks close to the trip. Important! That has nothing to do with the day it is decided to make the flight].

Bring money to Australia – Purchase Australian dollars 💵

There are mainly two options to bring money to Australia. Considering that on average it takes between 1 to 3 months to get a stable job (it’s normal guys, do not get anguished!). I recommend bringing enough money for those possible months that will be without any income that can vary between $ 2000 at $ 3500 AUD (food – accommodation and transportation). The purchase of Australian dollars in your country is the most common and easy option, however many times it can be a difficult mission, because for example in Chile obtaining these dollars is not as easy (as the American) and these are a bit scarce, but not impossible to find in exchange houses at a price reasonable. The international credit card of your bank can also be an attractive and simple option. Important! Remember to notify your bank in your country the rating of this and make the inquiries respectful of commission (and the change commission for money in Australia) you will not want to find unpleasant surprises once you are in Australia and less for money, right? The exchange of money between fellow citizen can also turn out to be a # win-win option for both parties. This informal method consists of that through Facebook pages or groups fellow citizen communicates with each other and perform the exchange of negotiated money. As mentioned at the beginning this is an informal method and ‘word’ between both parties so I recommend an absolute and total CAUTION.

Electronic device adapter for Australia💡

You will need an adapter to be able to access the Australian power source and charge your electronic devices since the shape of the plug is incompatible with almost all Latin American countries. Australia has a common voltage of 230V, a frequency of 50Hz and the plugs of the plug are type I. I recommend buying a universal power adapter (value $ 8 to $ 15 AUD) and bring from their countries of origin an extension so they do not invest in an adapter for each appliance and can power their appliances at the same time if necessary. Good idea right?!

Type I Plug
Drugs allowed to enter Australia 💊

Medicines for free use (aspirin or paracetamol) I recommend that you better not bring. Here they are also freely accessible and easy to find (even in the supermarket). However, prescription medications such as birth control pills (among others) must be declared at customs and have a certificate with you (in English). Important! That the supply of this medication should not be for more than 3 months.

For steroidal or androgenic, hormonal (testosterone, DHEA) medications, opioid analgesics and drugs based on narcotics or marijuana, it is necessary the possession of an application permit issued by the Australian Department of Health ( this is compulsory.

Clothing needed to take to Australia (Melbourne) 👚👕👖👟👠

Melbourne is also known as the city of four seasons in one day. The day can start whit a radiant, warm and beautiful sunrise and then transform into a rainy and cold afternoon (Oh yes! Trust me). For the same reason, I recommend bringing a jacket for the cold and another for the rain, the cold and the wind are usually quite recurrent in Melbourne (6 °C the coldest days). On the contrary, in summer they can usually reach 40°C, so I recommend t-shirts, skirts, dresses and shorts for the Melburnian summer. It is important to mention that clothing in Australia is not expensive. The are many outlets as well as bed and bath linen (sheets and towels). Also, they move to Australia, not to another planet … easy peasy! 😝

What not to take to Australia 🙅🏼 – Be careful with your luggage!

I recommend bringing what is strictly necessary. Paying for luggage for clothing or electronic devices (hair dryer, iron for hair or similar) for example is not worth it. Totally don’t. Also, the luggage is very expensive. And here there are alternatives of good quality at very good prices $$. With only a few hours to arrive in Australia, the plane will have them fill out a form where they must indicate which products are the ones you carry with you. To avoid any drama scene, I recommend you for no reason enter these bans Australia:

– Alcohol bottles of more than 2, 25 L

– More than 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of tobacco
– Non-prescription drugs, illicit drugs, child pornography or weapons
– Animals, food for animals or animal products
– Fresh food (meat, fish, fruit, eggs, seeds, nuts or other products of plant origin)
– Land or products that contain it (or other areas)
– More than $ 10,000 AUD or its equivalent in metallic currency

                                                          Entry declaration card to Australia       

With this treasure of information, you are more than ready to get on that plane and cross the Pacific!

Now just enjoy your flight, and see you in Australia!

By Adriana Quiñones Toloza

How to get out of the comfort zone and not die in the attempt 🤔

Thinking of travel? The idea of leaving everything for a while or maybe for e-v-a rounds your mind? Needing the radical change? I guess that I have the answer: AUSTRALIA. A familiar word for you?

Every time younger people, and not so much anymore, decide to do this change following their feelings and dreams. We are in the XXI century and as the saying goes “We are not old enough to stay with the desire” right?  But ok, a lot of you guys they will question things like: How can I do it? There exists the possibility? Is a complex plan? How? When? Where can I get there? and the fieriest question of all “How much money are we talking about”? 💰🤔

Let me tell you guys this is not easy, but not IMPOSSIBLE … (I recommend to you to learn this word – in Australia doesn’t exist 🙃

But first, from the beginning. There exist innumerable ways live the Australian dream. Two of the most popular and easy ways to come here is through a Working Holiday Visa (if you are from Chile, Argentina, Peru or Uruguay in Latin-American) or Student Visa (for every nationality 🌏). The first one allows you work 24/7 without any restriction in any job (full or part-time) however, for this visa, you must apply for a place in a limited number of them that offers one time per year. The number depends on the country that you applied and have a minimum score in the English Exam (essential requirement) granted by these English exams TOEFL ( or IELTS (

Now if the English is not your strong tool and you don’t have any idea of the language, the Student Visa is for you. This visa allows you to learn from the General English to the advanced level, what will help you in a myriad of new job opportunities and new connections, both inside and outside of Australia. In addition, if you want a specialization in your area 👩‍💻 (diploma, certificate, postgraduate) this visa is the indicated one.

At the same time, this visa allows you work for 20 hours per week, perfect for part-time jobs. With this you can start to relate to the culture since the beginning, meet their people, their customs, traditions and the life in general (sounds perfect, right?!) If for example, you need to increase your English level, either from a basic or middle level, I suggest you contact our agency “Aussie Life“. Here we can help you to create your ideal budget for your trip and chose your perfect course for you, according to your needs and future projections. Also, we can help you to generate the perfect resume, searching a place to live even if is necessary we can pick you in the airport!  With us, you will never be alone because since the moment that you contact us we start to create strong friendship ties with you. Our idea is more than just your agency, is be a support in this whole adaptive process that we know (from our own experience) can be complicated and fearful.

Start a new life away from the comfort zone isn’t an easy decision to make and do, but neither impossible. I invite you to dare! Take the step! Go to the next level of your life! Dare yourself to cross the ocean!  Meet a new culture is always an enriching experience and an excellent opportunity to open your senses. Feed the spirit, and believe me … your body will thank you 🙂



“Adaptation is the quality of accommodating oneself to a certain situation. Man is an eminently adaptive being “

By Adriana Quiñones Toloza

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