We are allowed to work up to 40 hours per 2 weeks while studying in Australia.

Also, with Working holiday visa, it is allowed to work for full time up to 6 months under one business provider.

Let’s start your new chapter in Australia, Your Aussie Life will support your journey.

We know those difficult decisions are easier to make when you have the support of someone that you can trust.

And as we are also aware that closeness and complicity are key, we have proposed to help and support you in each of your steps, so that your jump to Australia is much easier.


Start your process today completely FREE and fulfil your dream of travelling to Australia.


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Working in Australia, Yes it's possible!


in Australia 🇦🇺

Work in Australia

Work in Australia

Don’t hesitate! Dare to come with us and live the best experience of your life! Working in Australia is possible, you will only need a student visa or a working holiday visa.


Once here you can find many work options, either part time or full time. Companies usually pay by the hour and currently, the minimum hourly wage is $ 19.80 Australian dollars (AUD).


You can find all kinds of jobs, such as waiter, cleaner, kitchen hand, nurse, builder, babysitter, carpenter (just to name a few) but not everything is reduced there, you can also work in your profession if you wish, only that you should invest more time and effort. Professions as Account Manager, Designers and Architects are in great demand.

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