Guide to work in Australia

If you are looking to change your life, get new job opportunities or just work abroad while you study and improve your level of English, Australia is one of the best countries for it, that is why it receives thousands of foreigners with the same dream every year, are you one of them?


Why work in Australia?

The vibrant economy and the constant growth of Australia offers excellent options to anyone who ventures to live and work in this country, whose quality of life and salary is one of the best in the world.


In Australia you will find great opportunities in different sectors, offering many options for qualified and unqualified work. So much so that it is possible to find a job in a few days of searching.


Being a foreigner isn’t a disadvantage for you, and that is because ¼ of the workers in Australia are immigrants. But, the attractiveness of working in any of its cities not only focuses on the variety of job options to choose but in the low rate of unemployment that is only 5.7%, and the high wages paid in the country, quite above if we compare it with a large part of the countries of Europe, Canada and New Zealand.


The minimum hourly wage paid in Australia is $ 19.90 AUD (€ 11.9), although most employers pay between $ 20 and $ 25 AUD. Those who wish to be part of the professions most requested by the government can have an average income higher than $ 50 AUD (€ 31.5) per hour.


Whether you want to work full time, half a day or a few hours, you need a particular visa.

How to find a Job?

Aur Pair

Aur Pair

Do you have experience taking care of children? Then this workshop is for you!


Many families are looking for nannies (Aur Pair) the best thing about this job is that you can learn more about the Australian culture and practice your English constantly, which is one of the biggest benefits for you. At the same time, many times this work is inside doors which means that you should live with the family with whom you will work. There are several agencies within the country that are dedicated to recruiting nannies and help them find work quickly and effectively. 

Coffee Specialist

Coffee Specialist

In Australia, the coffee is a very important drink and you will realize when you are here. In the same way, cities throughout the country are full of coffee shops, where you can try and if you want you can also work with this delicious drink.


If you have experience preparing coffee, you can apply to this job. Many students start in this way. However, it is recommended to do a barista course which will give you the necessary skills to be a coffee professional and at the same time increase the chances of finding work faster and better paid.


We tell you that in Your Aussie Life we do Barista Workshop (beginner level) every week! Go to our Fan page on Facebook for more info!

A helper in the Kitchen

A helper in the Kitchen

Australia’s gastronomy is quite diverse because here multiculturalism is its logo. You can find endless restaurants of all nationalities where you can work as a Kitchen Assistant. You can even apply to jobs where you will not need previous experience, if not only of desire and a lot of attitude.

The minimum hourly wage that is paid in Australia for being a kitchen assistant is $ 18.90 AUD (€ 11.9), although most employers pay between $ 20 and $ 25 AUD. At the same time, those who wish to be part of the professions most requested by the government as a Chef can have an average income higher than $ 50 AUD (€ 31.5) per hour. You must bear in mind that to work full time, part time or some hours a day you will need a particular visa.

Food Deliveryman

Food Deliveryman

A very popular job in Australia where you can also combine a nice walk through different places while you exercise … of course, as long as you take a bike. However, nothing prevents you from doing it on a motorcycle or even in your car.

The salary that is paid for now as food delivery in Australia is variable since it works by commission, especially if it is done through applications for the cell phone like uber eats or deliveroo to name a few).



Cleaner is one of the most popular jobs in Melbourne.

A number of people are working as a cleaner as they can choose their working style; only in the morning, in the evening, and weekend…

There are a lot of jobs available on the job sites.

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